London Elite Mistress

London Mistress Helena and her sissy Maid.

It is 7pm on Christmas Eve and the High Priestess London Dominatrix Helena has assembled a trio of her ‘maids’. They have been dutifully performing domestic chores since 3pm and now she calls them to kneel at her throne.

They have been named ‘Penelope’, ‘Felicity’ and ‘Natasha’. They wear the usual ‘uniform’. This consists of: A pair of high heels, some see-thru knickers, a posture collar and a necklace with the initials ‘HPH’. Their male-members have been encased in chastity since before they arrived and are highly-visible despite the expensive ‘Agent Provocateur’ see-thru knicks, of which they were sent to buy with much embarrassment.
Upon entry to her realm, they had to hand over their keys to High Priestess, London Dominatrix Mistress Helena. They are gloss-lipsticked and adorned with bob-cut wigs – Penelope is blonde, Felicity a brunette and Natasha a redhead. All this ‘uniform’ has of course been provided by these pathetic wretches themselves. They bring it with them every time, along with their tribute. They are each of them hopelessly devoted and enslaved to their beautiful Priestess and will carry out her every wish. Even lavishing the beautiful London Dominatrix with special gifts.
They abuse themselves every morning and evening over her web-pictures. They have been trained to do-so (ordered, mind-fucked and totally hypnotised to do-so). But by-God, they had better make sure they leave sufficient ‘liquid tribute’ in their balls if she decides to grace them with a latex heel-job because the consequences are not what they would wish.
And, having been trained to a very high standard, by the most Elite London Mistress they deport themselves immaculately in their pretty high heels, or else they risk the wrath of their Priestesses tawse.
When they are not completing domestic chores, they are handcuffed to the rear. Their deportment and gloss-lipsticked and knickered-bitch-strutting is something she advertises and proudly displays on websites such as Clips 4 Sale. She regards herself as the best high-heeled bitch-trainer in the land……………….and she is probably right.
HPH also known as London Dominatrix Helena has two other female friends there who sometimes come along to laugh at these soul-less, obedient, tortuously- enslaved wretches. They are complete and utter slaves to her heels. She knows it and she will abuse this fact to her full benefit.
Her apartment now spotlessly-clean, and her friends suitably waited-on, High Priestess Helena decides it is time to have some fun. She has been drinking Champagne, bought by her little cock-sucking whores.
“I think you three ought to share my wine. Natasha fetch three more glasses”.
“Yes High Priestess Helena” she immediately replies (there is never, ever any alternative reply).
Natasha is then made to hold the wine glasses underneath London Dominatrix Helena’s majestic body, for the necessary excretion, and her sad and sorry caged-little heel-sluts are made to lift glasses of her ‘wine’ to each other, in a perfect triangle.
“Now, it being nearly-Christmas, you, my little bitches, are each in turn, going to sing me a nice Christmas Carol. My little blonde slut is going to sing Once in Royal David’s City. Then my brunette whore is going to sing O Little Star of Bethlehem. Then finally, Natasha shit-for-brains will amuse me with O Come all ye Faithful. And I think it’s firmly in your interests to remember all the words. I trust this is clear?”
The London Dominatrix raised her voice slightly with the most strict command.
“Yes, High Priestess Helena” they all mutter through bright gloss-lipstick. But Penelope s a little slow off the mark with her response and she receives a withering crack on the face from the back HPH’s latex-gloved hand.
“That needs to come out a lot faster, next-time Penelope” the London Dominatrix adds.
“Yes, High Priestess Helena replies her sorry little lipsticked whore-bitch.
“There is some good news. The best Carol singer will win a prize. One of you will be released from chastity, handcuffed (to the rear), placed under my latex heels and jobbed-off. One heel on your shaft and the other deep-down your throat. Call it a little Christmas present from me if you like. And I wish to see that you have saved-up plenty of liquid-tribute for me, or you might not enjoy this privilege again for a long time. You will then (as usual) remove with your tongue any liquid tribute you have carelessly and rudely-ejected onto my heels. The other two will remain in your little bitch-cages and will cane each other whilst the winner is getting her reward. I trust this also is clear?”
“Yes High Priestess Helena” comes the dutiful reply, in unison. Unsurprisingly, Penelope now manages to reply in good time, not wishing to incur another slap to the face. For its inevitable that this London Dominatrix will not wait too long before delivering another slap across the face.
“Good………….now Penelope, you will commence singing. If one of my friends decide they want to heel-job one of the two losers, then you will count it as your lucky day, and tribute them appropriately. But you’re not getting it from me. At least one of you is leaving my realm still-caged. I trust this also is clear?”
This is followed by the immediate and inevitable “Yes, High Priestess Helena”
So my Sissy Bitches if you know what’s good for you join me now your London Dominatrix in Covent Garden and serve Mistress or both Princess Sofia Domme and maybe my trainee and I. You know you should so do not wait to call Book Now Bitch
Fetish Christmas wishes
London Dominatrix Mistress Helena xxxx