I recently attended Berkshire and London Mistress Helena’s chambers is Berkshire. It was amazing.I had a makeover and photo shoot session. The location was easy to find, and very discreet. It is extremely clean and spacious. No one there except those that were involved in the meeting and session. Very professional and the photographer a male made me very relaxed and alleviated my nervous tension by his friendly funny personality. There was a fabulous studio available and a large domestic setting, It had a dungeon studio and bedroom which was a dungeon type room.

The house has no noise issues as its detached. It is very private and I look forward to returning. I had an amazing session with Berkshire Mistresses Paige Turnah and London Mistress Helena. The Berkshire Mistresses location is also very convenient for Heathrow a cab ride away and only took me 20 minutes. It is near slough station only 10 minutes  away. The session and makeover plus photo shoot was my ideal day something I have only dreamt about. The Berkshire Mistresses were stunning, polite but firm and very good at direction. Berkshire Mistresses Paige Turnah showed her skills as a beauty therapist and Mistress Helena was great fun. She selected my outfit and shoes! I felt like a real sissy whore!

Roll on November I will return. More costume changes please next time my Berkshire Mistresses. Maybe a different wig?

Your Veronica xxx