London Mistress Saphire and I love to play our submission / domination games. London Mistress Saphire enjoys the elements of being submissive. Saphire is indeed a switch. We have such a good bond of trust, that Saphire relaxes and surrenders letting me Dominate her. We love to play our games whilst you may watch. Who is next you may ask. I could ultimately unleash my kinky friend and that’s it you are in trouble! London Mistress Saphire the kitten that I have held in captivity will be freed to then do what she does as a firm strict Mistress. The tiger is free!

We had an amazing photo-shoot whilst in a session. Our bitch was tied up while we started our own games! The best of British! Our little gimp watched as we began our mind play. The Gimp was absolutely clueless when my dominant friend London Mistress Saphire walked back into the room wearing a sexy latex bondage suit, showing her amazing curvaceous firm bottom rounded and ready to be spanked! London Mistress Saphire’s’ shoes were 10 inches tall she could barely walk, I led her into the room by her contained hands. I had dressed her, she was mine to play with. Next time I will put her into ballet bondage boots. A total captive for your London Mistress.

I had decided to wear my sexy new Westward Bound latex vintage pinup dress. It is rather sexy and tight. I would of worn red leather gloves, maybe next time! Perfect for smoking whilst my submissive strokes my fine Nylon Stockings! We compliment each other. Saphire statuesque and very beautiful. I had just polished her latex suit  whilst she was wearing it. Massaging shine empathizing her curves. Our gimp the slave watched crumbling barely containing him self. I stared intently at him and commanded he watched as I bent my beautiful switch London Mistress over my knee. Both of our latex outfits were combining looking most dramatic and decadently naughty. I began to stroke Mistress Saphire on her bottom then gently cupped my hands ready to give her a most wonderful bare bottom spanking. The switch London Mistress Cooed as I stroked her and then once again spanked her firm bottom. Repeating the motion over and over, the bound gimp glared as I said to watch was what was to happen to him. Of course I mentioned that he would receive a good caning too and we would provide champagne refreshment later! How lucky!

London Mistress Saphire was leashed with a rather nice soft leather red collar and lead. Her collar and lead. I thought the red would suit her complexion and beauty. She followed as I walked her to the bench bending her over I produced a soft red flogger and began to flog my tightly confined beauty. Her bottom now red and ready to be lightly caned she received 2 sets of 12. The pathetic gimp trembled when I told him he was to receive 2 times as many and of course harder. London Mistress Saphire was also to give the gimp his servings too. Double servings!

I gently pushed my heel onto the gimps pathetic manhood and told him he was pathetic and then pushed my heel firmly onto it. Telling the slave to drop his head as I led Saphire to the chains where I clipped her Hands up to the chains. She was now stretched out and ready to watch I placed the ball gag into her mouth and began to stroke her latex finely tickling her as I did she couldn’t move. The gimp watched he knew what was to come. I had removed my Mistresses lead and collar, it was now the gimps, his turn. I slowly walked towards him standing empowering him with my heels. Looking tall and elegant I took his bowed head raised it then slapped his face to show him I was going to take control. He quaked. Making him crawl I began a game of release my London Mistress or not. This consisted of choosing a card from a deck of playing cards a bit like being in a casino but without money, just consequence! I decided the one who would choose a playing card and guess what it was would be freed. I got the pack of cards and drew a card after shuffling. Removed Mistress Saphire’s Ball Gag and asked her to guess the card. She guessed 5 of hearts, umm very good as this was a 5 of clubs. Now for gimp, he proceeded to guess the card I drew. Ace of spades he had guessed. How far could he be wrong it was a 2 of hearts! I slowly showed them both their cards. Mistress Saphire smiled as I released he Our gimp sighed! I then tied the gimp to the chains where London Mistress Saphire had been. Facing the other way! Saphire quickly changed to a rather dominant lingerie set and proceeded to get a flogger after I had given him several hard bare bottom spankings. He was in trouble. Mistress Saphire unleashed her power onto the gimp and severely flogged him. I took my cane and tormented him with it made him kiss the tip then gave him his servings. London Mistress Saphire did the same. He was begging for mercy! We did release the pathetic man he was forced down whilst we laughed at him as he felt his sore bottom meet the floor! We served him nice warm champagne one on his face and one on his manhood! He was our territory our bitch. He certainly knew his place and we then allowed him to relieve himself. Lucky gimp. Maybe next time we won’t! It depends how we feel. We love to control every aspect of his mind and body, yes we own him.

I have to go now as I am about to meet London Mistress Saphire. Champagne drinks in a bar for us! Think about that boys!


Switch London Mistress submissive