Berkshire Mistress London & Berkshire Mistress yes that’s me! Had a fabulous day of fun with Model/Actress and London & Berkshire Mistress Desire. Now yes we did have some fun. Desire is an extremely dominant Berkshire Mistress don’t let that sexy manner fool you. An ultimate dream to look at, her beauty empowering as much as her tone and disciplined attitude. You will fall to your knees. We stood taller than our Sissy guest at the doorway. We dressed in our sexiest lingerie and heels. Of course we had our Fully Fashioned Nylons on! An absolute must! Our Sissy just stood in awe as we greeted him.

Now of course our Bitch wasn’t as yet transformed so we led him to our makeover studio and showed him what we had chosen for him to wear once transformed. He was still captivated by our presence’s and hardly spoke a word! We encouraged our guest to strip down and put him in a silky dressing gown. Placing a wig upon his head. Now this is when the excitement really began. Berkshire Mistress Desire and I brushed against the silky kimono as Desire whom is highly skilled and qualified in beauty therapy was putting his make up on. Our bitch was becoming transformed. It was absolutely amazing. We had asked him to shave first and used the usual mix of red lipstick on foundation to hide the masculine tones of facial hair that casts shadows. He now she looked amazing! Red lipstick for our slut with enlarged lips created by lip liner and now we had our sissy slut ready. Feminine perfume sprayed upon their skin  and I waxed all vital areas. Great team work by two Elite London / Berkshire Mistresses. I do think the chemistry has to be right between Mistresses to get the perfect combination Double Domme. Our sissy was lucky to be experiencing our friendship and professional but friendly approach. We giggled as we started to dress our sissy up in fine silky stockings held up by a sexy suspender belt and silky panties. The sissy began to have dampened panties as we caressed her long slender legs once encased in fine stockings. Heavy breathing more evident. We made our sissy drop her robe and finished her dress with a silky shiny slip. Preceding to take her to our studio where we had her placed in different positions on the chair exposing her sexy undergarments displaying sexuality to the camera. Our professional photographer began to take some most stunning photos of Veronica. Veronica our sissy slut. She loved every moment. Of course Berkshire Mistress Desire and I made sure our slut was doing exactly what we wanted in poses. Both Desire and I are Models with an eye for a good photograph! Our sissy was treated like a star slut!

Following the photo shoot we led our bitch to the dungeon equipment tying them up so they couldn’t move and we teased her until she began to whimper for us to stop! So close to finally releasing herself in all the excitement we released her and led her forcefully to our bench where we strapped her down so we could explore our slut properly! We pulled her silky panties down and I preceded with a big black strap on while Desire and I forced Veronica to suck her natural coloured strap on cock. She gagged while we spit roasted her! She could not move but murmured in pleasure! We knew how to abuse and excite our sissy slut. The two Berkshire Mistress had made the bitch explode. We then forced her to lick every last residue off our fingers as we fed her. She loved it!

Such a fun day if only all sluts could be like Veronica. We have trained her well! She loves to please! Owned by 2 beautiful Dominatrix. She is our sissy slut!

We are offering such sessions at our most discreet location in Berkshire as well as London. We can create the ultimate sissy maid too and have you come clean at our domestic location. The photo studios are professional and well run. We are experienced and professional Berkshire Mistress / Dominatrix. Cruel, Humiliating and love your servitude.

Tel me your London / Berkshire Mistress now on 07557516183

Our location is an Elite Suite in Beaconsfield. Serving local areas such as Windsor, Slough, Reading, High Wycombe, Amersham, Gerrards Cross, London, Richmond, Middlesex, Marlow and Henley. It is very discreet and well equipped. Double Domme available with Mistress Desire and I with some notice. Day sessions and maid training also offered at great rates. So release your inner you and book now.

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