A diary with London Mistress

So today I met the wonderful London Mistress Helena. She made such an impression on me, I had taken a break from the scene for a while and wanted to refresh. Well, London Mistress left one hell of an impression on me!! I simply had to start a diary, as I knew I’d be coming back.
(I’ve actually had another session with London Mistress since writing this ..)

I arranged the session over the phone, London Mistress was so lovely spoken on the phone but nothing could have prepared me for our first session together!!

I arrived and what a lovely atmosphere, warm, music playing and of course London Mistress looking so elegant in skin tone stockings, black heels and top šŸ™‚ (I think I have a little crush..!)

We chatted before the session, mistress calmed me as I was a little nervous, this was a nice touch, we’re both here to have fun of course and this settled my nerves perfectly. London Mistress has such a calming voice and tone to her, and I was soon to discover her true dominance! So we began and mistress soon had me fastened tightly down (after putting a collar on me and tying me balls up lol) all the while calmly but dominantly talking to me.

Then came the strokes, we had a brief warm up but soon moved onto the canes ā€“ and it was a caning I’ll never forget because I had never experienced it like this before. I could see her in the mirror, watch her move and then just feel the pain as she delivered it so wonderfully. I think after 20 or so we started to keep count. I loved it! London Mistress can even spank hard with just her hand which I’d never had before (she said I had a cute bum..) We got to around 40 or 50 and I remember mistress saying we were targeting 150. No wonder she had a handful of canes about 6 or 7 or so!

I’d never had a caning like this before. I remember it felt hard but wonderful at the same time. Just free and not a care in the world for both of us. I could tell she was enjoying herself, she had a wicked smile on her but so did I, I was loving it and was so happy she was too. Just loving the now, being there with London Mistress., I couldn’t believe how lucky I was in that moment. Part of the reason I’m starting this diary is to remember these moments. So nice hard strokes, I kept count and even asked for harder. I had a good vibe speaking to mistress and I just wanted to impress her and for her to have fun. We made it to the 150 (finishing with a whip tail for good measure!) but we didn’t stop there, she didn’t even need to ask we both knew we should keep going. We hit 170 and said next session we’d do 200. I cant wait! I knew then and there I’d be coming back and this was a mistress I was going to be seeing a bit more of!

London Mistresses work was fab and I hope she shares this for others to read. The markings were so perfectly straight it was like artwork. Heaven X. She then kept me tied up for some fantastic anal play which was like an orgasmic massage! She said one day she’d make me explode anally with pleasure.. I cant wait.

I don’t want to tell everything but London Mistress rewarded me in such style and I made every effort to carry on pleasing her, with some lovely shoe and foot worship. I felt so beautifully submissive to her, so natural, and I felt a bond like I had never experienced before. She let me massage her beautiful feet and worship her lovely stockings. This was so elegant and the feeling was immense I cant describe it. What a reward amongst other things and I knew I would be back.

I’m on cloud 9 writing this and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface. The caning was my favourite and unlike any caning I had ever experienced before. Next time London Mistress said we would go straight into it, stricter and with no warm up. She said with role play the experience would be even more intense ā€“ how can it get any better! But I trust her and will gladly let her show me.
Thank you London Mistress, what a life changing evening and I cant wait to visit you again soon.
Your natural submissive.

Love it! Very nice!IĀ  love this!