London Mistresses on Tour


This page is dedicated to keep you updated on where your London Mistresses may be on tour. You can plan your diary around that for your sessions with your London Mistresses on tour.

London Mistresses on tour will visit you at your 4 or 5 star Hotel. Travelling throughout the U.K, Scotland,Ireland and Worldwide. Details of your reservation are to be confirmed to your Elite Mistresses on tour for safety reasons only. As one of London’s Mistresses on tour I will travel to most destinations for minimum times I specify plus accommodating some travel costs. Deposits are required to secure certain sessions.

So book now for one of the most Elite Touring Mistresses in the U.K on 07798898993. You may text or call. I do require to speak prior any session however.

Your London Elite Mistresses on tour cannot wait to have you begging to serve me. What shall we do with you? Just call now or face disappointment!

London Elite Mistress

London Mistress Helena and her sissy Maid.

London Mistresses on tour is currently available at my country Victorian residence I Last of the summer wine country Yorkshire. Why not visit her at her private chambers. It is Elite, discreet and well equipped. Based in Huddersfield its close to Manchester and Leeds. Perfect for your business trips in the North of England and the rates are reflective to the area / location just inquire. The location has a prison cell made to high standards ideal for overnight confinements. So your London Mistress is never far away. All updates for Mistresses on tour will be available on

London Mistress can travel internationally, having kinksters in Barbados, France, Italy, Switzerland, U.S.A, and Dubai.

London Mistress always requires a deposit on International and Worldwide travel payment on arrival for any remainder. Your London Mistress always comes prepared with her naughty selection of toys to give pleasure or pain. She may even offer a travel companion whom you can also session with. Just ask. Accommodation of a high standard required so your London Mistress on Tour can relax at times alone, more beneficial to you and her. This enables a fresh mind to he sessions you may experience. Treats are always a good plan to get the best experience from your London Mistress on Tour.